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The [[Broom]] is the first and only main weapon you recieve in [[Anodyne]]. It allows you to attack enemies and remove and place dust blocks for puzzle solving. It has a total of three upgrades.

===Widen Upgrade===
This upgrade expands the attack of your broom from a single square ahead of [[Young]] to a three square line using dust to attack enemies.

It is located in the red sea area, in a cave. From the Nexus waypoint, go:

Once you reach the cave, enter and pass a small gauntlet to find the chest containing the upgrade.

===Extend Upgrade===
This upgrade simple extends the broom forward so you can attack enemies and use dust from further away.

It is located in a cave in the cliff area. From the Nexus waypoint, just go L. It is also protected by a gauntlet.

===Swap Upgrade===
This unique upgrade is used to find all remaining cards and secrets after the main game is finished. It is located in the final area, past the 36-card gate.



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