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The Broom is the first and only main weapon you recieve in Anodyne. It allows you to attack enemies and remove and place dust piles for puzzle solving. It has a total of three upgrades.

Dust piles

Dust piles can be picked up with the broom by attacking them and are then placed in front of Young on the next attack. Note that dust piles carried with the broom are lost when traveling from one map square to another.


  • Dust piles can be used to block certain hazards, such an energy waves projected from statues in the Temple.
  • When a dust pile is in the water, Young can stand on it to avoid sinking. The pile moves with Young, even between map squares.


Widen Upgrade

This upgrade expands the attack of your broom from a single square ahead of Young to a three square line using dust to attack enemies.

It is located in a cave in the red sea. From the Nexus waypoint, go:

  • Left
  • Left
  • Left
  • Down
  • Down
  • Right
  • Down
  • Right
  • Right

Once you reach the cave, enter and pass a small gauntlet to find the chest containing the upgrade.

Extend Upgrade

This upgrade simple extends the broom forward so you can attack enemies and use dust from further away.

It is located in a cave in the cliffs area. From the Nexus waypoint, just go L. It is also protected by a gauntlet, and requires the jump boots to attain.

Swap Upgrade

This unique upgrade is used to find all remaining cards and secrets after the main game is finished. It is located in the final area, past the 36-card gate.